You are NOT bad with money

not bad with money

Have you ever told yourself that you’re just not good with money? That you can’t save? Not good with numbers? Today’s episode I’m going to tell you why that’s a big fat lie that you’ve been fed.

Why you think you’re bad with money

Because let’s face it there is a lot of pressure out there and a lot of mixed messaging from:

  • Banks, credit card companies and ads designed with psychological tricks to part you and your money
  • To complete lack of true financial education that isn’t just about numbers
  • To shaming personal finance gurus who tell you that you just need more discipline and to “follow their perfect plan” (barf)

But guess what? It’s not you that is broken. You are not bad with money – you’ve been conditioned not to trust yourself and I’m here today with some fired up words of encouragement.

It’s not you – it’s the system that is broken.

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