6 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Bills

save money on your bills
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
6 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Bills

Without Sacrificing Anything

Bills, no one likes to pay their bills, right? I know I’m supposed to be the budgeting guru but guess what? I don’t even like paying my bills! So this week’s episode is all about how to save money on your bills!

The truth is that looking for ways to save money on what you’re currently spending is one of the most overlooked ways to ADD more available money into your budget.

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Bills:

save money on your bills
  1. Eliminate – is there anything at all that you are paying for but not really using? Or are you paying for more than you need? More phone lines? More audiobook downloads? Anything you can shave off that you aren’t already using is a quick win that doesn’t even impact your lifestyle because you aren’t even using it to begin with! Go over your bank statements for the last few months (or longer if you’re feeling ambitious) to really get all those automatic withdrawals you forgot about.
  2. Insurance – Another great way to save money on your bills is to shop for insurance quotes for your car, home, even life insurance. At least once a year before your policies renew shop around to make sure you’re paying the best rate for the coverage you want. Again, no sacrificing quality just paying less for the same.
  3. Data levels – Are you still paying for unlimited data? Back in the day it used to be a big deal because the overage fees were insane. No with almost everywhere having free WIFI the need for unlimited data has gone down considerably…but I bet you haven’t changed your plan. Check your past few months to see how much you are currently using on average and then see if there is a plan that would accommodate that usage for a better price. Again, no downgrading your lifestyle, just the price point. My family plan has 5 phone lines and we share 3GB a month because two lines are for elderly relatives who can’t even use the the smartphone features and the others of us are almost always around WIFI. If we go over there are no penalties, just slower service until our data reups. Worth it.
  4. Consider Annual Billing – If you haven’t considered switching to annual billing as a way to save money on your bills, you really should. Once more, no sacrifice to the things you are using or want simply taking advantage of the perks of paying in full for a year at a discount. I go into detail into how to set this up without feeling a terrible money pinch each year in the podcast.
  5. Extend frequency – Are there things you pay for regularly but are not a bill – like haircuts, nails, massages, etc.? Consider extending the frequency in-between these services slightly. If you usually get a haircut every 6 weeks, try 7 or then maybe 8 weeks in between. If you barely notice a difference in how you look and feel, keep the longer time in-between. A $40 haircut every 6 weeks for one year costs about $346. A $40 haircut every 8 weeks for one year costs about $260. That’s a $86 savings a year! May not seem like much but when you are looking to save money on your bills, everything adds up and if you are saving money without sacrificing your lifestyle it’s always a win!
  6. Remove shopping apps/credit card info – Now if you really want to save money on your bills this is the big kahuna (at least it was for me). Shopping late night from bed is real BUT I’m far less likely to do so if the apps are not already on my phone. I also deleted all my credit card info from the apps I kept on there so it made it just “that” much harder to make an impulse purchase. Because really, who is going to get out of bed to get their wallet halfway across the house…and by morning, I’ve forgotten all about it.

Bonus Tip: How To Save Money On Your Bills

save money on your bills

Now the REAL win? Tally up the money you are saving and set up an automatic transfer from your checking into your savings (either for your emergency fund or your contingency funds (you can learn more about those here). If you skip this step this money you just saved will likely get frittered away as if it never existed. The goal is to save money on your bills so you can use it for something else, something you want! So make those savings automatically go where you want – look, you were used to spending it anyway so you won’t miss it.

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