Quick Money Tips: 5 things to stop doing right now

quick money tips
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
Quick Money Tips: 5 things to stop doing right now

This episode is quick and dirty and came from a comment I received on an Instagram post; Which quick money tips should I stop doing? So here’s 5 things to stop doing right now. 

Let this episode be your permission slip to stop doing the things you don’t actually need to do, and start doing things that will actually support you with your financial goals and help you think more positively about your money. Because managing your finances should make you feel empowered here it is.

Quick money tips you’ll learn in this episode

  • You don’t need to check your bank balance everyday (and what is a better practice to use instead) 
  • “Winging it” vs. having a plan; which is actually easier
  • If you’re still paying this one thing, changing banks is a must
  • What’s actually wasting your valuable time
  • Getting real with who you really are and cutting expenses that aren’t lighting you up

Ready to feel confident managing your money?

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