The Perfect Budget: 8 ways to know you’ve found it

myth of the perfect budget
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Perfect Budget: 8 ways to know you've found it

Be honest, you’ve googled the “perfect budget” before am I right? You’ve searched for the one budget that will make all the saving, spending, bills, apps and tracking easy and effortless. In today’s episode I’m breaking down the myth that there is a perfect budget BUT I’m also giving you a sneak peak at 8 ways you can tell whether a budget will work for you or not.

8 ways to know you’ve found your perfect budget

  1. It’s easy to learn
  2. It’s easy to maintain
  3. It has the balance of financial strategies you’re looking for
  4. Helps you achieve the goals you have for your life
  5. It’s holistic – including mindset, strategy and behaviors
  6. It provides active support so you aren’t left with just info to fend for yourself
  7. It adapts as life changes and it’s flexible
  8. It’s custom to YOU and doesn’t try to fit your finances into someone else’s rules for your life

Does your “perfect budget” do all of those things?

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