4 Inspiring Examples: How Money Doesn’t Come From Hard Work

money doesn't come from hard work
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
4 Inspiring Examples: How Money Doesn't Come From Hard Work

Were you ever told that money doesn’t come from hard work growing up? Yeah me neither. I bet if you were like me you heard this a lot growing up, “You have to work hard to make money” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees. You have to earn it”. I know I sure grew up with it. I’m sure we all heard some versions of that. The belief being that laziness was the opposite of hard work and that laziness was bad and hard work was somehow good or made a person more “worthy” of earning money….

Money doesn’t come from hard work though

money doesn't equal hard work

But how come we’ve all worked so many jobs where we poured our blood, sweat and tears into it and got paid next to nothing? How come we frequently feel underpaid and underappreciated for the work we do?

Seems to me that this myth of hard work is just that. A myth and in fact money doesn’t come from hard work at all. Money is simply an exchange for perceived value. I use the word perceived on purpose (I’m a word nerd, sue me). Whether something is truly valuable or not is all about perception and need. So the price someone is willing to pay for something is always relative.

The problem with this belief is that it is stated as an absolute. If you must work hard to earn money then, by default if you do not “work hard” you can’t earn money. So I state again, money doesn’t come from hard work, because if it did then every single person who worked hard would be well compensated and every person who sits on their butt doing nothing would be penniless.

But it isn’t so.

Money comes from those who know the right things to do to tap into the flow of abundance. They don’t work hard they work smart. They ruthlessly edit out the things they don’t need to do (busy work) and only do things that light them up and bring in the $$$

Sarah Blanchfield

In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about this awhile ago (you can read it here) and I’m so fired up about it still that I did a podcast on it to boot.

Here are four inspiring examples for you for how money

doesn’t have to come from hard work

(caveat: remember, it’s not that these women never work hard. It’s that they are living evidence that it is not a requirement to live the life you want)

What to change your mindset about how money doesn’t come from hard work?

money doesn't equal hard work

Pick you own mentor that proves it. You hear about mine in the episode so I won’t spoil it here. Search for examples of what’s possible! It’s the easiest and most effective way to start changing your mindset today!

Anytime you take a long-held belief and think about the fact that maybe it might not be true the best way to start opening your mind to new possibilities is to search for examples of successful people that are doing the opposite way. Seek out examples of people who are proving, in this case, that money doesn’t come from hard work. The more examples you find the more your brain will believe the it is not only possible but true.

As a rule we all tend to have confirmation bias – which is that we cherry-pick evidence that supports beliefs that we already have – see this way we don’t have to thoughtfully consider alternatives. The problem is, if your belief is the thing that’s holding you back you can actually use the tendency towards confirmation bias by reversing the process and seeking out the examples of people doing the opposite of your belief.

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