How to have stability in your finances as an entrepreneur

financial stability as an entrepreneur

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “If I could just create consistent income, I’ll be stable” yet as an entrepreneur found that it seems to be the opposite with income that comes in waves? Yea, we’re going full blown into myth busting today all about this idea that you cannot have (or it’s harder to have) financial stability as an entrepreneur. We’re going to talk about why this lie persists and break it down so you can move beyond this belief. 

In this episode I talk all about 5 ways to create financial stability:

  • The conditioning from society that you must have a “pay check” style system 
  • How to navigate the peaks and valleys of income 
  • Where you should really focus your stability efforts as an entrepreneur
  • Why this is a mindset issue (not a money one)
  • How to create a situation where you consistently have money available

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