Why DIYing your finances is keeping you broke

keeping you broke

Did you know that trying to learn about finance and manage it all on your own is probably why you are still struggling? Normally we tend to think of DIY as being cost-effective but it’s actually what’s keeping you broke when it comes to your finances

Why it’s keeping you broke

It’s not your fault, but if you are still reading books, trying apps and downloading every free excel template in sight…. You need to hear why:

  • Cultural perceptions keep you in DIY-mode
  • You’re placing unfair expectations on yourself
  • More knowledge won’t help you change your behaviors

Plus the #1 problem with the DIY-method that keeps you from actually succeeding!

Listen in and when you are ready to shift out of DIY-mode and get the support for lasting change, the Bulletproof for Life program is open for enrollment! Check it out here: https://www.mybulletproofbudget.com/bulletproof-for-life-program/

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