Business Finances: 5 Steps For How To Get It Right

The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
Business Finances: 5 Steps For How To Get It Right
business finances

5 things to get right in your business finances:

  1. Separate accounts – you need to have separate accounts for your business finances if you want to make things easier. Read more about that here –
  2. Pricing strategy – pricing is about more than picking a number you think people will pay for… learn more about it in the Psychology of Pricing masterclass – shoot me a DM on Instagram to learn more
  3. Business budget – having a rough idea of what’s coming in is not the goal – you need a written plan people! Get a free template for that by downloading the CEO’s Guide to Digital Freedom below.
  4. Accounting software/receipt capture – Xero – why I love it – it’s easier and less expensive that QBO. Receipt capture – Hubdoc – integrates with Xero
  5. Tracking and strategy – tracking your numbers is fine but if you aren’t applying the knowledge in your business finances it’s pretty pointless… Without strategy, you may as well leave it a hot mess.

If this has you thinking “Holy crap this is too much, too complicated. I freaking hate numbers!” I am currently accepting bookkeeping clients to do all this for you inquire at

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