6 Ways Business Banking with Novo Saves You Money

business banking with novo
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
The Money Myth Buster Podcast
6 Ways Business Banking with Novo Saves You Money

I can’t wait for you to hear this week’s episode all about how you can save money on business banking with Novo! Full disclosure – I have an account at Novo myself and I freaking love it so much that I became an affiliate (because – heck, an income stream for sharing something I love where it doesn’t cost you extra but will actually SAVE you money??? Yes please!)

6 reasons business banking with Novo will save you money

  1. Online only – so the fee structure of a typical brick and mortar bank? out the window.
  2. No fees! Like for real no fees, it’s ridiculously awesome and that’s not even the best part! Their rewards program is legit amazing. You can actually get reimbursed for Stripe fees up to a certain amount – and it’s a LOT. So you save a bundle on processing fees plus a ton on other services you use!
  3. Business debit card – you get a debit Mastercard for purchases – I personally use mine most to set up my bills on autopay because you know that I HATE manually paying bills
  4. Important integrations – Seamlessly connects with Xero (my fave), Quickbooks, Stripe, Shopify, Zapier and even Slack!
  5. Customizable dashboard – you can actually see your Stripe data IN the Novo app so it’s a one-stop shop PLUS you can invoice directly from your bank account – say what?
  6. Reserve accounts – this last feature is the coolest. If you are a Profit First follower then you can actually use the reserve feature in Novo to set up subcategories in your main account instead setting up multiple accounts so all the money is separated just like in Profit First BUT you don’t have to track actual different accounts. Mic drop!

Business Banking with Novo

Get started today it’s so freaking easy to set up it’s ridiculous. Here’s the link https://banknovo.grsm.io/9sazykoes67v

Looking for help with your business finances? Head to here to fill out an inquiry form for bookkeeping and done for you business services.

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